Transforming Communities One Life At A Time

The north star for Kuldhara has always been uplifting the lives of low income house holds in rural and semi urban markets.

Sonu Rajawat

Grocery Shop

Vijay Lakshmi Pradhan

Garment Retail and Stitching

Seema Badguzar

Gota artisan

Sanjana Yogi

Goat rearing

Suman Morya

Grocery and cosmetics shopkeeper

Suhani Meena

Garment Retail and Stitching

Laadli Bano

Lac bangle maker

Manju Pradhan

Fancy items and Cosmetics shop


Hand crafted horses

Supyar Gurjar

Buffalo rearing

Anandi Swami

Plastic Waste Collector

Nandini Shekhawat

Beautician and Garment retail

Taramati Nat

Maid Servant

Manju Kanwar Shekhawat

Beautician and stitching

Manju Gavaria

Moonj Grass sorter

Seema Rani

Dahi Vada Stall

Kavita Panchal

Fancy items store

Mamta Gavaria

Women products seller

Seeta Lashkaar

Lac Bangle seller

Suman Gavaria

Lac Bangle seller

Wahida Bano

Semi-precious stones sorter

Suman Devi Morya

Grocery Shopkeeper

Rajni Pingoliya Morya

Carpet Weaver

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Sonu Rajawat - Grocery Shop

32 years old

The foundation of her shop – Arth!

Kalakaar Colony, Pani Pench, Jaipur

Sonu’s mother-in-law was a member of Arth’s SHG and ran a tea shop in the locality. It wasn’t difficult to convince her of microfinance’s benefits. With three loans in the past 4 years, she has not only populated her grocery store, but she has also bought another house along with her hard-working auto rickshaw driver husband. She intends to sell artificial jewelry also from her shop with the next loan from Arth.

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Vijay Lakshmi Pradhan- Garment Retail and Stitching

32 years old

Poster Woman of Success

Sector 4, J P Colony, Naya Kheda, Jaipur

The poster woman of success at Arth, Vijay Lakshmi has a post-graduation in commerce and a B Ed degree. Smart and intelligent, she is called as a representative at Arth office when agencies come for routine or surprise checks, Founders Day and Women’s Day. With a supportive mother-in-law and husband, she has availed of the benefits of microfinance for the past 5-6 years with Arth. Leader of her group - Saroj Naya Khada Group – she encourages other women nearby to use Arth’s services and benefits and asks them to stand on their own feet and do their bit for increasing their household income. She says, “We must keep ourselves engaged in some activity, if not, we will go mad doing nothing in the house.” She does fall, pecco on sarees for various big saree selling shops around, stiches blouses and kurtis, and earns about INR 5-8000 per month. She bought her first sewing machine with the first loan she availed from Arth, and today with her expectant fifth loan, she intends to start a boutique in her area – the first one in her locality.

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Seema Badguzar- Gota artisan

30 years old

The house dream

Sarjoli village, Bassi, Jaipur

Seema’s husband had taught her how to embroider gota lace on dresses, sarees and dupattas. When he left for Jodhpur for better work opportunities, Seema felt very alone and depressed. He advised her to begin working. When she began to work and found financial assistance through Arth, they could immediately construct a new house for themselves. A consolidated amount from Arth gave an immediate push to their house dream and they can now pay in easy instalments!

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Sanjana Yogi- Goat rearing

35 years old

Lohamandi, Jaipur

After her marriage, Sanjana learnt how to rear goats. Her in-laws had some enough for their own sustenance. When she got her first loan from Arth 4 years ago, she purchased 5 goats and continues to do it every time. You see, goats are susceptible to diseases and death. She has 15 goats right now and earns INR 15000 per month selling their milk.

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Suman Morya- Grocery and cosmetics shopkeeper

33 years old

Khawarani village, Bassi, Jaipur

Seema used to weave carpets and rugs, like other women of her community, in the village. Carpet weaving is an intense job, and she had to quit it, because she was the only woman in the house and had no help. Her parents-in-law had died when her husband was young. Her husband quit his job in Jaipur and put up a grocery shop in the village, to take care of the family. The loan from Arth helped her start a ladies items shop. Her shop is always full of customers. They now earn INR 20000 every month. The couple has ambitions to provide the best education to their three children.

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Suhani Meena- Garment Retail and Stitching

28 years old

Pratap Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

Suhani says, “Women can stop eating food, but they can never stop wearing new and nice sarees. I didn’t have much of a problem during the Covid -19 induced lockdown. Women kept buying sarees from me, since my house and shop are the same. It didn’t pich me much, even though my husband had to change his money changer shop because no foreign tourist came.” With the first loan she bought sarees, a sewing machine with the second loan, in a span of three years. She earns about INR 7-8000 every month and has made her house a pucca one and built more rooms in there. She will get cosmetics in her shop with the next loan she get from Arth.

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Laadli Bano- Lac bangle maker

The house from Bangles

35 years old

Kacchi Basti, Vijay Nagar, Jaipur

Laadli has lived in the same locality before and after marriage and knew how to make lac bangles ever since. Her husband used to be a taxi driver, but has joined her in the same profession. The couple and their children make bangles every day and save about INR 1500 every day. They have now constructed another floor on their house and have all amenities in there, thanks to the 3 time loan from Arth since 5 years.

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Manju Pradhan- Fancy items and Cosmetics shop

32 years old

The shop that cares

Sector 4, J P Colony, Naya Kheda, Jaipur

Manju Pradhan’s husband did not have a fixed income and there were plenty of stomachs to feed in the family. She bought cosmetics and fancy items with the first loan she availed from Arth, and began selling from her own home.  4 loans and 5 years later, she has her own big shop and earns about INR 10-12000 every month. When her husband or she are not around, other family members take care of the shop.

The Covid-19 induced lockdown was very difficult for her, but she is glad that Arth officers were very kind and helped her sail through difficult times. She intends to make her shop bigger with more loans from Arth.

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Heena- Hand crafted horses

45 years old

Horsing her way through!

Kalakaar Colony, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

Heena has used most of her loan money from Arth to improve her standard of living. She bought a gas stove and paid her electricity bills with the loan money. She says, “I can’t find wood for lighting the chulha. I can’t spend the whole looking for wood. I might also fall ill because of the smoke. How will I take care of my children, if I am unwell? One of my sons has already gone astray in this locality. My husband has not been very supportive, too.”

She earns INR 200-500 per day making horses out of cloth and gota and pays her loan on time. Life is difficult for her, but she horses through every day!

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Supyar Gurjar- Buffalo rearing

The business of buffalo!

35 years old

Lohamandi, Jaipur

This is her first time with Arth and she bought a buffalo with the loan money!

Her family income has increased to INR 35000 through selling milk. She is very satisfied that she is busy throughout the day and is also making money. The couple has recently renovated their house too.

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Anandi Swami- Plastic Waste Collector

The Goldness of Waste

40 years old

Pratap Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

Anandi and her husband, with ancestry in Tamil Nadu, buy plastic waste from big companies, sort it out and sell to relevant recyclers. They earn about INR 30-35000 every month. They have used Arth’s loans to buy plastic waste all three times over a period of 3 years. Their children are married and also engage in the same occupation. While they live in a plastic tarpaulin house themselves, they have built pucca houses for their children.

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Nandini Shekhawat- Beautician and Garment retail

One shop, two shops

32 years old

Luniyawaas, Jaipur

Inspired by her mother-in-law who used to stitch Rajputi dresses and blouses, Nandini knew she can grow as big as she wants to dream. She knew to stitch and was also trained to be a beautician. The financial aid came from Arth.

She used loans from the first two cycles to buy material for the shop. In the third cycle, she began her own beauty parlor. Her personal income is INR 7-8000 per month. She lives her life for her children and wishes to save for their higher education.

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Taramati Nat- Maid Servant

23 years old

Arth is the best!

Kalakaar Colony, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

The couple has been living a very perilous life ever since they knew life. To top it all, their house fell down due to desiltation from the nearby nullah. The wife works as a maidservant and the husband has a small cigarette shop on the main road. Their bad times were compounded due to calculation complications with some loans they had taken from other companies.

Based on their experiences with other companies, they emphatically declare, “You guys are the best. Everything is so sorted. Your interest rates are also better. It is so much easier to return your money.”

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Manju Kanwar Shekhawat- Beautician and stitching

42 years old

Self-made couple

Luniyawaas, Jaipur

Manju’s husband works as a tailor in an export house. He taught Manju to stitch to perfection. She is a quick learner and learnt the basics of beautician too. Basic, but perfectionist skills have helped her build her own customer base.

She got her stitching machine with loans from Arth and now has 2 sewing machines and interlocking machine and now earns about INR 3-4000 every month. Both have built their own house from scratch and today have all amenities a typical house should have. She now intends to buy material for stitching clothes for women.

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Seema Rani- Dahi Vada Stall

42 years old

Dahi Vada – the recipe of success!

Pratap Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

She makes the curd and kanji water, and fries the vadas, her husband buys all the raw material, he sells Dahi Vada and Kanji Vada on his own stall. She stands rock solid with her husband as they sail through life, and raise their children. Her husband had a CD and DVD shop but had to close down as technology evolved. He then learned to make these items from a relative 8 years ago.

It has been 3 years with Arth, and they have used the loan every time to repair batteries used for running the machine that prepares the batter. How do they understand the difference between pre-Arth and post-Arth times? Her husband explains, “We can now buy ingredients for a month, while earlier we could only buy for a week. We make about INR 20000 a month. We now intend to put another stall for the same products and repair our house. Our ambitions have materialized and we will only grow bigger from here.”

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